Ellister Thorley, MD

Practitioner of Medicine and the Light

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Two Needles in a Haystack


Thoran shifted, parchment, ink pot and quill in his hand.  Essilte looked up, smiling.  “Need something Bear?”

"Ah, yeah…I ah, was wonderin’…"  He could feel his face turning crimson and he coughed, then cleared his throat.  "So, um, I wanna send Dr. ellisterthorley a letter, aye?  But, um…I…”  He shifted his weight again, looking down at the items in his large hands as he muttered, “I dun spell t’at good.  An’, um…I dun wanna embarrass m’self…” 

Essilte finally understood what the Worgen was trying to ask and she beamed at him, holding out her hands for the items he held.  “You talk, I’ll write.”

He sat next to her and waited until she addressed the letter properly and dated it, then she looked to him expectantly and he began to dictate, then stopped.  “D’ya t’ink I oughtta start off wit’ Dear Dr.?  Or jus’ Dr.?” 

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It had been a brisk and bustling afternoon at the bakery. Content to allow Vandrysse and Vallaunius to handle the customers, he spent the day balancing the books and projecting revenues for the next quarter. Nearly cross-eyed from all the numbers he leaned back in his seat with a sigh, rubbing the bridge of his nose between thumb and finger.

The sound of tea pouring into his empty cup caught his attention. Glancing upwards, he smiled brightly at his fiancee.

"Thank you, Vandrysse."

"You’re welcome, sir. I’ve left a scone for you; don’t let it go to waste!" Her preemptive scolding earned a good-natured chuckle from the doctor. Knowing she would keep an eye on him until he at least tried the scone, he sampled it with a sip of his mountain silversage tea. Taking a break from the accounting he sifted through his pile of mail. An unfamiliar address with neat penmanship caught his eye. With curiosity piqued he opened the envelope and adjusted his monocle to read the letter. 

The request for assistance put a frown on his face. It wasn’t the first plea for help to track down lost relatives he’d read, though it had been a couple of years since one had last graced his desktop. It had been distressing, the number of notes he’d fielded soon after the Gilnean diaspora; as people accepted their loved ones were dead they slowly became scarce. 

The wooden chair groaned as he leaned back, cradling his cup of tea. Staring intently at the letter he wracked his brain for the pair of children in question. Something was ringing a bell of familiarity…setting the cup down with a loud clink the doctor took up his black feather quill and a blank sheet of parchment.

To the enquiring Mr. T. Barrett,

Your letter has found me in positive spirits, and I do hope you are similarly disposed. There is nothing unprofessional about a letter, particularly where matters of import and privacy are to be discussed. This is hardly a subject casually broached over a glass of port and a rowdy game of cards…

I wish to express sympathy yet simultaneously congratulate you upon your medical concerns, for it is a landmark occasion to overcome such odds. I trust my words will bolster your constitution, for I have perhaps a modicum of hope with regard to your request.

Shortly after the fall of our fair Gilneas, I found myself at a personal crossroads (as so many of us did!). Seeking answers and the solace of the Light I joined the illustrious ranks of the Church of Holy Light in the city of Stormwind. During my time as a lay priest in devout service to the Light and its followers, I frequently lent medical aid to the orphanages in the city. While I do not technically currently have access to the records of the children fostered through that system (yet I do not doubt I could procure such information with enough planning) the nick name you profess to have does spark a recollection within my mind. It was awhile ago by now (how the time flies) but I do remember treating a brother and sister for a nagging chest cold. As I engaged them in conversation as a method of distracting them from my ministrations, they proclaimed loudly that Prince Bear would be arriving any day to whisk them away from the orphanage and spend the rest of their days playing in the forests. I’d thought nothing of it at the time, merely encouraged this optimistic line of reasoning.

As I have stated, this was some time ago now. I do not know what became of the Bear Prince’s wards; one would expect they had been fostered out to a caring home by this point. If you so desire, I can try my best to obtain permissions to view their records and determine their current whereabouts.

Please do not hesitate to reply in kind to this letter or arrange a meeting in person. I do wish to aid you in whatever manner possible, as I am fortunate enough to have met your niece and nephew it seems.

Light’s Blessings,

Ellister R. Thorley, MD, FGCS

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vandrysse asked: Proof

Proof:What is an absurd situation your character has gotten into that others didn’t believe?

While this situation technically doesn’t fit the prompt criteria (he’s never told anyone about it), it is definitely absurd and I do not think anyone he knows currently would believe it happened!

A couple of years ago (both IRL and IC, scary how time flies) Ellister had a tenous-at-best grip over his worgen form. It frequently bled into his human mannerisms and he usually could not maintain control while in his furs. It was a common (and quite bad) habit of his to abstain from allowing his worgen form to assert itself during this time.

One evening, after a particularly long stint of abstinence from his furs, Miss Sego Ryder came upon him brooding at the outskirts of Stormwind. Against his better judgement he accompanied her for a walk in the moonlight. All sorts of inappropriate thoughts surfaced as they chatted and the doctor tried valiantly to maintain the upper hand over the insistent will of Goldrinn. Miss Ryder, taking note of her friend’s tension and distress, decided to apply an experimental pheromone concoction she’d been testing out. It was designed to calm those afflicted with the Curse but (unbeknownst to Sego) it had the unfortunate effect of arousal and affection when applied to men. Needless to say, Ellister did not stand a chance. Sego seemed to realize something was amiss when he began complimenting her eyes and picking a bouquet of flowers for her from the field…

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kaladwra asked: Ricochet

Ricochet:What’s the last thing your character did that had a major impact on someone else? Was it positive or negative? How does your character feel about it?

Assisting with Natharai’s treatment would be the latest endeavour he’s participated in that has had a major impact on someone else. Though he was reluctant to help at first, and when he decided to lend aid he had ulterior motives (he likely still does >.> ), overall he has behaved himself and provided help in a proper altruistic fashion. The treatments have had their ups and downs; in typical Ellister fashion he would emphasize the less pleasant points. Overall he is begrudgingly satisfied with how everything is going: Natharai is responding well, Vandrysse is recovering, and he managed to not end up disemboweled.

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hellomynameisandiam asked: Request: If your character could have one physical thing at this moment, what would they want?


I brought this up in another prompt, but Vandrysse would seriously like to have a Gilnean dress. She’s shared some mindspace with Ellister where they visited Gilneas, and it wasn’t lost on her how thrilled he was about her wearing traditional attire.

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handshour asked: Obligation: Does your character feel indebted to anyone? Whom and why?


Vandrysse feels indebted to Ellister, especially considering that he’s saved her life on more than one occasion. Not only is the woman horribly accident prone (no thanks to her player finding interesting ways to accidentally die inside instances), but a “priest of the Light” attempted to murder her – if it hadn’t been for the doctor’s quick actions, she most certainly would have perished.

 He also saved her from a toxic relationship, which was instrumental in turning her life around and allowing her to become a better person.

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